5 reasons why finding signature perfume scent is over-rated

It’s a presentative of worrying too much about what other people think about you.

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I totally understand why people are looking too hard to find a signature scent. When you smell something, you remember and bring you back right away into that moment, that mood, and it’s wonderful. The concept is nice, to have a familiar smell that people when smell it, will remember of you right away. It would be nice to have people think like that about you

However, most of people are giving up in middle and not successfully , and I believe, it won’t ever be successfully doing so. Also, to be honest it’s a waste of time and just a fantasy if someone wants to do something like that. Eventhough many people are keep having such dream to have such scent ( for some reason ). The reasons lays deep down into the reason because we are human

1) Marginal benefit always decreases.

I magine you have a signature smell that you like it too much, you wear it day in day out. Imagine you have a bowl of Poke that you love it eat too much, you love a McDonald Cheese burger you love too much, sounds about right , right ? No, if you eat them today, it’s good. Tomorrow you eat it, it’s still good. The day later you eat it again, breakfast and dinner, and it becomes less and less attractive, up until a point, you find fed up with it. so , Even if you found a scent you like, you will end up hate it if you keep doing it all the time

2) FOMO Feeling

Imagine again , there are thousands of perfume out there to choose. Let’s say you “kind of” fidning something you like and think it can be your “signature scent” , you will continue to doubt yourself :” what if “ . and everytime you see new ads, going to the mall. and then start trying other things when you find tired of the old smell. Voila, your journey to find signature scent ends here.

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3) Nothing is unique

Yes, there are thousands of perfum out there that probably you haven’t tried all. most of them coming from what called “ Designer Fragrances” which means the perfume house is part of the brands like D&G, LV, Hermes, DIOR, Armani etc.. Don’t get me wrong, these fragrances smells amazing, and some are huge Success like Dolce & Gabbanna The One EDP, Light Blue , Armani Acqua Di Gio`. etc.. all best seller of all time. however, if you like these smells, and want to use it as signature scents, congrats, you will see your smell everywhere, and ofcourse , many will smell the same on you as a random person in their workplace. Suddenly , nothing is signature “about you” anymore 😳

Which leads you eventually deeper and deeper into perfume world, which leads you to start looking into Niches Fragrances. And so cool, finally you find a nice niches fragrance that you think it will be your personal ones. but unfortunately, Creed Aventus, Le Labo santal 33, Byredo Gypsy Water, 19–69, Atelier Cologne , PDM ( Perfume de marly ) , all niches fragrances house , sound weird to normal people but are best seller with leave you smell the same as half of the metro in NYC ( I am talking about you , santal 33 ) . Which eliminates that purpose of finding something just about YOU.

4) Perfume needs to go with your dress and by occasion.

Let’s say, if you still say NO for all the reason above that I mentioned, you will need to know that if you wear a shaving smell when you go to fancy dinner, or if your fragrance smell like summer time with Bergamote and Citrus base, and you go to Bar, go to a club, or In the winter. It’s not gonna match and you will be left out as freaks who smell the same citrus bergamote all the time from all year rounds, and it’s not a complement, not all fragrances are likable by everyone else. so if your smell doesn’t match with someone, you might risk losing the connection forever. Which is a big no no, against the reason you are looking for a signature smell at the beginning.

Photo by Trung Do Bao on Unsplash

5) Some scent are more expensive than others

If you force your self to stuck with 1 of the scent ( and I hope it’s not a cheap perfume ) , you might need to end up keep buying those and it will cost you alot of money. And why you need to spray 350$ 400$ Tomford Oud Wood when you just want to smell good when jumping out to the gym. any designer fragrances would do , without breaking the bank and still bring people good memory about you

Luckily, it will never be late to change, Do your self a favor, test out new smell, match it with your clothes, and not afraid to try something new. You might surprise what life has to offer, and your nose and your body will thank you by not torture them with same smell all the time.




Tech Nerd and life experience as a digital entrepreneur in Sweden.

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Minimalist Dave

Minimalist Dave

Tech Nerd and life experience as a digital entrepreneur in Sweden.

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